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We help our publishers in maximising revenue by attracting renowned advertisers with the highest bid. Because of our wide reach, we get special offers from advertisers that are unique in the entire market. Apart from inviting a partner of your choice, we also facilitate our clients in monetizing the stocks that are not generating revenue presently. Moreover, we also help your site look beautiful by customising the layout of the ads. Click Cabin invites all types of publishers ranging from beginners to the most renowned ones. Moreover, ensures you to protect from deceptive or fraudulent means.

  • Enormous Ad Inventory with lots of Exclusive Deals

  • To let our publishers earn lucrative profits from leads we have set a minimum margin that we earn on each advertisement. With click Cabin, you have plenty of choices from our exclusive offers.
  • Rapid payments to Publishers

  • Our publishers need not worry about payments, they are paid consistently and honestly.
  • Weekly Payments

  • We facilitate our Publishers to earn daily/weekly payments. They are free to choose.

  • The biggest Paying Rewards Program in the Industry

  • We ensure our publishers to enjoy highest payouts by displaying the bidder with the highest bid on your website.




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