How is Affiliate Marketing Software Beneficial?

What is meant by Affiliate Tracking?

It is the process of managing marketing activities through a special software and by different plugins installed in various websites.

Affiliate tracking is used by numerous businesses that own affiliate networks in order to manage its affiliates and gain insight into the performance of each affiliate and the network as a whole.

Depending on your business goals, affiliate marketing software is different than the next. Buying the wrong type for your business may make you lose you a large amount of money in sales and promotion.

Affiliate Marketing Software has many significant uses such as- tracking affiliates, their links, and their commissions. They manage the processes of signup and login for potential and current affiliates & deliver their customized links to start using to promote your business for their commissions.

The systems are actually the heart of any affiliate program, & without finding a way to track commissions for specific affiliates and their links, no affiliate program can exist.

Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software helps you to understand that if any of the affiliates have used illegal or unethical means to promote your link. So here you really need to be careful, as any illegal means employed by your affiliate can lead to a serious trouble.


Among the various affliate marketing software in the world, the Silk Route, by Alphainfolab is one of the best Affiliate Marketing Softwares which can definitely give you satisfying results.


There are various models which are been used as a core of the Affiliate Tracking Platform, are listed as follows:

  1. CPC (Cost per click)
  2. CPA (Cost per acquisition)
  3. CPM (Cost per impression)
  4. CPS (Cost per sale)
  5. CPI (Cost per install)


Get to know in brief, the perplexing features of Affiliate Tracking Software:

  1. Helps in tracking GEO, Browser, ISP, OS, Device, IP etc.
  2. Tracking Affiliate: It helps in identifying volume and effectiveness.
  3. Fraud Detection: It has a feature of powerful anti-fraud mechanisms that provide assurances, that their affiliate programs do not come under fraudulent activities. They make sure to protect your investment and keep the details confidential.
  4. Tracking Time and Location: It helps in tracking location & time of impression, leads( live tracking of every lead), click, and sale. Which is usually gathered from with or without using cookies.
  5. Generating Tracking Codes: They help in keeping a track of all the clicks and leads which requires a unique URL that contains affiliate id and the campaign number. It is then passed to the advertiser’s site & then associated with a user cookie to identify landing page, visit date, expire date, user identification and related sales closing information. These tracking URLs are also called as tracking codes.

Major Benefits of Using Best Tracking Software for Affiliate Marketing:

  1. In-Depth Reporting:

Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software gives you accurate statistical data in accordance with the performance of your affiliate program. It views total sales that are earned from the affiliate referrals or your referral-to-customer conversion rate. Further, it assesses the performance of your every banner and gathers intelligent information to help you create even more effective ads.

Well, it also helps you to obtain absolute detailed information about various areas such as; sales, registration etc.

  1. Accounting Management: As Tracking Software for Affiliate Marketers can help you in many other ways, it helps you to keep a check over accounting management as well. It allows you to use an unlimited number of affiliates to let you promote your business or product. It manages the accounting hassles including expenses, income, sales, and the payments due.
  1. More Website Traffic: As it is already known, that Affiliate Marketing depends on the exposure that your business gets online. So helps you and gives you a chance to get a large amount of exposure and hence helps you in increasing your profits.


  1. Full Payment Details: It provides you with the complete payment details for these services so that you will no longer have to calculate your expenses manually. It is, however, important to purchase this software if you are willing to actually ensure that you want the best value for your money.

Tips to Choose Best Affiliate Marketing Software:

  1. The Affiliate Marketing Software Company must be reputable.
  2. A good customer support is a key factor which should a priority to them by providing 24/7 support.
  3. Never choose or target small internet marketing software companies as they may not result in providing you the best services.
  4. Ask the company which you choose, if you can create your own reports with their software.
  5. Explore amid several companies and compare different features.

E-mail Marketing: An apt solution to enhance your business

Email is a source that almost everybody utilizes today, and it keeps on developing and be more pervasive in the lives of individuals around the globe. A large number of the best marketers from probably the most productive organizations over the world trust email is the primary channel for developing businesses.

Marketers who are great at email marketing can interface with their clients in a very focused way. As a marketer, you might have numerous channels accessible to contact your audience, however, with constrained time and assets, you have to organize your endeavors. Email Marketing is by a long shot the best channel to pull in, draw in & interface with an audience to drive deals and income for your business.

As it’s known that email marketing is fancier around the world, it is one of the most trusted sources for promotion through social media and various other ways which can be done with great ease.
Email marketing can be a sort of precarious business because almost nothing is straightforward. Regardless of what service you use to send your email, it’s inevitable that some of it will wind up in a spam folder. It’s past any email marketing service’s control to stay away from spam folder’s the majority of the time because of how these filters function. On the off chance that there was an approach to evade them 100% of the time, they wouldn’t be extremely successful by any stretch of the imagination! Spam filters are generally unique and are regularly characterized to a great extent by user interaction.

How it’s done?

This article is a complete help which will lead you to the depth of email marketing and result in a beneficial way so that you can run email marketing campaigns.
Usually, the purpose of email marketing is to get the client to visit the business’ website when the said email has been read. This is the reason it is important to the point that emails are intriguing and enrapturing, as your clients should be propelled to navigate to your website from that point.
On your website, many email marketers have a shape for new clients to the website to join to the mailing list keeping in mind the end goal to get pamphlets with respect to the item or business, convenient tips on the best way to utilize a business or notices of any occasions that emerge later on.

Why it’s chosen?
There are numerous reasons why email marketing is chosen as a source of promotion for products or services. Few among the numerous reasons are; due to the Cost as it is cheap, Scalable, has a flexible design, easy to operate, shareable, measurable, less intrusive, real-time marketing.

What email marketing services can do?

The email marketing services monitor the reputation of their IPs to ensure that a bad IP reputation doesn’t affect your deliverability. There are also some tweaks that can be made to how the email is sent, what is in the header and footer etc. that can play into deliverability as well. At AlphaSandesh which is one of the services at Alphainfolab, where we’ve been helping clients deal with all of these issues since 2009. If your current service isn’t working for you, we’d be happy to discuss possible solutions with you.

Networking Schedule of BAC 2017 announced by iGaming

The Berlin Affiliate Conference (BAC) is set to begin from 1st November to 4th November at Messe Berlin, Germany. As a leading information provider for the affiliate marketing industry of online gaming iGB affiliate announces the networking schedule of a conference for the event. The full-packed schedule will provide thousands of delegates with an opportunity to network with others in a relaxed atmosphere around the Berlin.

Berlin Affiliate Conference

Berlin Affiliate Conference

Although it’s a great platform to meet new affiliates, to understand what your competitors are doing, latest trends in the affiliate market then this conference event is for you!

Berlin is the largest city of Germany with plenty of clubs and restaurants, we’re sure all delegates will enjoy the event more constructive with over 70+ exhibitors from the industry.

This year BAC sessions aim to provide surplus information with presentations, panels and exclusive insights from the professional speakers. Moreover, during the event hours, there will be conference sessions that increased your revenue.

Let’s have a look at a BAC 2017 Schedule-

  • On 1st November, Wednesday there will be welcome drinks at Sheraton Berlin Grand Hotel Esplanade from 16:00 to 18:00.
  • Later, The official Berlin conference opening party will be held at 21:00 at E4 nightclub, 10785 Berlin. It has a unique ambiance, that offers an unforgettable Berlin experience to visitors.
  • The opening networking party will be sponsored by UPAYCARD on 2nd November, Thursday, 21:00-late at BRICKS Club. The club is a creative brick building and social activity place that gives an opportunity to continue your networking late night without being too crazy swagger.
  • You may have three days of tired non-stop networking! Head down to official closing networking party, It will be on 3rd November so that 2500+ delegates across from the world are most likely to expand their networks at AVENUE Gastronomie GmbH. This one should not be miss….
  • On Saturday, November 4th Unwind session will be hosted and it is sponsored by Intertops from 13:00-16:00 at the Corroboree in the Sony Center. As it’s the last day of BAC, Delegates, marketers, exhibitors are invited to say goodbye to new friends, old faces, business partners in a relaxing environment at the venue.

The iGaming affiliate will have VIP tables for all of the three amazing networking parties. The tables will include two bottles of spirits with mixers plus a private area in just £1,000. Book your tables now by mailing on for more details.

We are digital marketing service providers in Indore, India offering full range of digital marketing services. We are going to be the part of this iGaming affiliate conference 2017. Come and join us at booth no. K17.

Meet Us At The Berlin Affiliate Conference 2017 | Alpha Infolab

Berlin Affiliate Conference 2017

Berlin Affiliate Conference 2017

Its exactly 1 month until the next iGB Berlin Affiliate Conference, so we want to share some details about the event and where we’ll be!

This time it’s grand because this time it’s Berlin. The Berlin Affiliate Conference will take place from 1st November to 4th November 2017 and it is FREE to attend for affiliates and introducing brokers.

This year, we have made sure that Alpha Infolab has an even big presence, so come and see us at the Messe Berlin, Booth no. K17. Our company is a global IT and digital marketing solution providers in India, we understand the unique business activities and needs of the customers for best results.

After a successful event in 2016, the Berlin Affiliate Conference and Financial Partners Expo will return again for 2017 event with over 100 affiliate marketing programs across from the world. Moreover, we’re expecting SEO and Technology as the top agenda’s of BAC which includes many sessions on SEO, Facebook ads, discover what really drives conversions, Webmaster tools, Social Media and Content Marketing.

With the number of sessions during all four days, over 3,000 delegates, 1,500 affiliate attendees have numerous options to expand their technical knowledge which help to improve their businesses. The iGaming event is highly sponsored by affiliate premium sponsors:



High Low

UPay card

Intertops Affiliate

Bet 365

Poker Stars

Net Bet

Slots Millions

iGaming Business Event Director, Shona O’Donnell stated that: ‘’There was a number of fantastic technology latest updates within the online marketing world and the gambling industry over the last 2 years, especially recent update from the Google play store and gambling apps of casino companies.

Why Should You Meet Us?

The 2017 Berlin Affiliate Conference is going to be the best event for affiliate networks and business leaders. However, Alpha Infolab Pvt Ltd is a leading online digital marketing company in India will represent Email Marketing services through Alpha Sandesh and iGaming affiliate network, Dharamraz for your incredible casino experience! We provide easy-to-use, affordable and reliable marketing designed to help your business to make out the most!

Meet our delegates at Booth k17 for you casino game promotion. If anyone looking to keep up the pace with the trending ideas and developments in the market of iGaming industry register yourself today for BAC 2017 conference.

Read the Pros and Cons of Affiliate Marketing in Today’s World

Affiliate marketing is the type of business which is used by many merchants as an online promotional activity and by website or blog as a path of income generation, affiliate marketing is best way to promote goods and services of advertisers and the publisher is the owner of the online website.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing | Digital Marketing

Even though many online business have an affiliate programs, the best choice should be made after understanding the pros & cons of affiliate marketing. Here you will learn:

The Pros of Affiliate Marketing-Well, the term sound great to most of us, affiliate marketing brings some appealing benefits.

1. No need to be a marketer: No matter if you don’t have a marketing background qualification. Most affiliate marketing programs gives you all materials and handles all of the marketing activities and transactions of goods and services.

2. It’s set up is easy: You need to be worry about its setup. First, choose the best program of leading digital marketing solution providers or any other that fits within your niche, create an account and paste the tracking code onto your website. No sort of effort and time is needed to do this.

3. Short Capital:One of the best advantage, no purchase of any inventory is needed and some marketing programs are free to join.

4. Large Audience:All of the affiliate program are already equipped with a in-built audiences for businesses.

The Cons Of Affiliate Marketing-

1.You’re not in control: Since the program is running the show, you truly have no control of the offers and items or administrations.

2. High commission: Since subsidiary advertising includes an agent, they get a cut of the cash you make.

3. Growth potential is limited:As an online marketer, we always stuck in finding the new customers over the years. The middleman usually gets to benefit from inside sales and we stuck for all time in the world of outside sale that means growth is naturally limited with only one demographic.

4. Joining and Success:Getting an affiliate marketing experience is a big positive point for us. But it has also negative impact because from anywhere and anytime in the nation can sign up an account for affiliate marketing programs. On the other hand, their is a huge competition within the ranking positions, if someone from your family or friend has better marketing than you in online digital marketing company, so this could be your big advantage.

All New Startups Should Follow these Digital Marketing Tips

As you know, Digital Marketing Solutions are omnipresent today and Startups have limited funds to run their business operations. Their main motive is to woo the investors so, that they can grow products and services all over the world. In order to justify the reach, the use of Digital Marketing is an important factor to consider, although there are some ways every founder should leverage online marketing and social media to grow businesses.

Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing Startup

1.) Add Real People

Social media is a great channel to raise your brand’s goodwill, but when you choose to add fake likes and comments (20K Followers on Instagram) it remains unheard. If your friends’ list is fake then even posting the best posts will hardly get noticed by anyone. Mediums like Facebook, Insta, Google + serve ads to a group of people who is your follower (not all users). In case, if you found them fake and no engagement is involved, then social media will not spread the post to the next level.

Get “Best Digital Marketing Services” with us.

2. Have Focus on Your Target Audience

At the early stage, it is obvious every startup companies get overexcited and reach out to everyone. However, as exciting it may like, it is also necessary to stay focused on your target customers who are likely to give you business projects.

For example; If you are selling brand accessories and your audience is set to everyone, you might get some sales but not as many as you’re expecting. So, it is likely important to set target customers according to age, region, gender etc and this would definitely maximize your returns of digital marketing campaigns.

3. Audience Engagement
Experts says, marketing tactics should not like you are doing marketing. Your company posts is always business-centric, engaging your customers is more important than anything. Do Question and Answer sessions, quizzes for a better interaction, tag relevant users, post creative graphics and videos with an interesting question can be a great deal in engaging your audience.

4. Content is still the King
Of course, No deny in the fact that content marketing is still the kind but some Digital Marketing Solution Providers undermine it time and again. While suggesting the content to writer keep these 3 things in mind:

i. Is it relevant in your industry?

ii. Which is your target market?

iii. Who is your exisiting customers?

Developing a good content strategy can consistently increase your audience engagement. Make sure it is unique and clear messages will be formulated. Someone truely stated that, ‘’Content is the reason the search began’’.

Website Design Trends for 2017: You Must Opt

Web design is basically the process of creating websites with different presence, therefore every year website development industry comes with some new changes to stay inspiring and relevant. Moreover, it’s very common among all web designers to believe the fact that the changing of time and trends can be a tough part of their job.

On the other hand, clients demand from developers is to make their website interactive, personal and relevant which further means they are now facing a big challenge of designing a site as per the needs of their users. Many of the IT software companies in Indore is following these trends to attract more viewers.

Software Development Company in India

Software Development Company in India

Let’s take a look to the 6 amazing trends of web design:

1. Gradient colors- Missing the landscape design for few years, Gradients are making a major comeback. But the look of the color blurring technique has been shifted by designers. You may see there were subtle variations throughout the design.

2. Cinemagraphs- Nowadays, Cinemagraphs are major in trend. They are still images with elements that have repeated movements. The use of bold and attractive cinematography is visually striking. Cinemagraphs can be either in GIF format or videos. Design your business website with the team leading software development company in India, Alpha Infolab.

3. Modularly designed site: Modular style in the website isn’t something special and new. Yes, of course, it has been gaining quality over the past 3 years. It’s a style approaching a high standard, block grid pattern to layout elements.

4. Bold Font Typography: Bold typography is usually adapting by many companies to make their eye catching home pages. In fact, this trend goes perfectly when you want to keep rest of the inner pages minimal and clean.

5. Navigation Patterns: Every website has a navigation bar which helps visitors to move from one point to another location on the page. Navigation doesn’t have to be paste to the top of the design. Before changing navigation styles, think about users patterns first. If so, go for it. If not, rethink the idea. In fact you can create your own navigation pattern by joining hands with Alpha Infolab a Digital Marketing Company in Indore because it gives you all what you need!

6. Neutral Shade Palettes: From the past years we have been some of the most colorful websites that is going to shifted to be more natural theme and neutral set of palettes. Those beautiful color palettes will be come from the natural world and have minimum boldness, brightness, almost neon look!

So, go ahead with these top 6 amazing web design trends for 2017 and pick some latest ways which suit your needs the best.

How these SEO Tools will Analyze your Website

SEO Tools

SEO Tools

Any of the website analysis is a key part of Seo process. The main is to propel your website towards the top position on various search engines results in the page. But more often, SEO experts experience the analysis part of the whole process as one that is little slow and time wasting.

For this reason, many of the experts have started utilizing some top SEO tools that help them with their work. In this most competitive world of the online marketing, the best tools for search engine optimization are higher in demand. Using these tools make life easy for SEO professionals with their amazing features that are handy for ensuring successful SEO campaigns. Many digital marketing solution providers also involves in search engine optimization technique for their own websites.

Let’s take a look at five of the best SEO tools!

1. SEO Powersuite

Powersuite is a very discussed SEO programming that consolidates a huge amount of easy to understand tools for the whole SEO process. SEO Powersuite is the perfect software for the individuals who are relatively new to the SEO field. You needn’t bother with a great deal of involvement or know how to deal with SEO Power Suite. It is a cross-stage programming software and reliable adjustment in web index calculation changes. Various Fortune 500 organizations have been profited by SEO Power Suite throughout the years.

2. Web CEO

Whether when we’re taking to manage PPC or SEO campaigns, Web CEO SEO tool can handle it all. The Web CEO software has received much of popularity for its sleek user interface. You can rank your website in less time with its effective keyword analysis feature. They suggest the optimum keywords for making your website on the success level, it deserves to be.

3. IBP

iBusiness Promoter is yet another top SEO software that has garnered a lot in the world of SEO industry. It mainly performs three major SEO tasks of the entire process; optimization, promotion, and tracking. IBP’s software unique feature of regular updates, which keeps it in line with some changes in algorithms of a search engine. Get help via many tracking softwares to track your activities.

Get in touch with one of the most leading digital marketing company Indore for your all digital marketing activities.

4. SEMrush

SEMRrush comes first in mind whenever there is any discussion on the top SEO tools. Its analytics report contains many fields of research such as advertising research, video advertising research, organic research and keyword research. It is highly used and approved by over 5,00,000 users. SEM Rush is an ideal tool if you want in-depth information about your running business SEO campaigns.

5. SEOProfiler

This software is related to link analysis, web page audits, keyword research, web page optimization and social media mediums for outperforming all your other competitors to get a ranking on Google, Yahoo and Bing. It might be an incredible software for all SEO professionals due to its multi-user account support. You can also create well-designed PDF reports through SEOProfiler.

Although, finding the perfect strategy of Google is really difficult. But utilizing all outstanding SEO analysis tools can surely increase the chances of your website’s top ranking that brings high traffic eventually for more business and profit. Although, some of the IT service provider companies in India uses this SEO tools to analyze their sites frequently.

4 Important SEO Tips: All Traditional Marketers Need to Understand

Digital Marketing Company Indore


Search Engine Optimization which is commonly known as SEO, is the process of optimizing quality traffic to a website from various search engines via organic or search results. In today’s digital marketing world, the higher your website ranks on Search Engine Result Page (SERP), the more online searchers will visit your site.

Many digital marketing solution providers have different techniques for their clients and marketers follow many SEO tips to position their ranking on top of google or yahoo. But for now, I am sharing essential SEO tips every traditional marketer wants to know about it:

1. Backlinks are even essential

When you’re doing PR or getting a product review, as a digital marketer you need to try to get a backlink to your website (if you send them goods or products for a review, Don’t forget, link should have ‘’no-follow’’ tag).

Although, most online traditional marketers are conscious about the brand mention, and you didn’t know brand mentions are huge. According to studies, Google still relies on a strong link back profile in their ranking algorithm.

Likewise, digital marketing companies, some software development company in India are also moving forwards towards online marketing trends of 2017.

2. Bad content can decrease your SEO ranking

Adding more pages to Google’s index your company’s website would have big opportunities to rank. The main motive was to create keyword-rich content that only search engine bots will read causing you to rank for more pages. This effective method made sense in theory, but then Google caught it on SEO’s trying to the game system, and it has now made some changes.

The more relevant the content in your website, the more likely your site on-page metrics will be going up.

On-Page metrics has-

1. Time on Site

2. Bounce Rate

3. Pages per Session

Enhance your all business promotions through our leading digital marketing company Indore, Alpha Infolab Pvt Ltd. Our team experts are ready to serve you all online marketing services, web development, e-commerce, chemical and much!

3. SEO is no more technical

Some digital marketing experts and marketers think that SEO is a techie field. There is a broad side of search engine optimization that is much technical like scheme markup and site speed. But in today’s world content has taken center stage. Having a good content strategy with valuable measurable goals is quite critical for your overall online promotions objectives.

There are all great questions to ask when planning a content marketing strategy. It is very important to understand for traditional marketers when planning and implementing blog articles, white papers, press release, video assets and webinars for a website.

4. Keywords Research Is Imperative

It’s not a smart thought to manufacture personas around how you may think individuals are searching for your items. The best approach is lead keyword examine, take a look at your information (CRM, online networking channels, examination, paid pursuit, and so on.) and after that create personas around your discoveries. Doing the examination initially can spare you a great deal of time over the long haul and remove the mystery from how individuals are hunting down your offerings.

At last, I would say! Having a lot of understanding of SEO process is crucial in the industry to make sure you’re operating within Google’s best practices. After getting a solid basis of SEO knowledge and these four tips, you are ready to direct upcoming online newbies and be able to talk through reports to the C-level suite.

Top 5 Mistakes in Social Media that ruin your Business

Digital Marketing Solution Providers

Top 5 Mistakes in Social Media that ruin your Business

Social media is a great potential platform for your business growth. Marketer wants to boost their reach, leads, and traffic. But when something is used wrong, social media networks could actually the goodwill of your brand.

When social media has so much to offer for all your promotional needs, it is crucial that you’re much enough to understand how to get the most out of it. There is no such real guide for the perfect social media presence. But there are some common mistakes you need to stay away from!

1. No content strategy:

Content prompts conversations, conversations helps to build connections and connections drive ROI. To get by from the pressure made by content issues, it will be less demanding. It is easy for you to pick a choice of employing an online networking marketing company which gives great SMM Services.

Get ready to complete all your online marketing needs with one of the top-rated IT & Software Development Company in India. Alpha Infolab is the right place for your business growth.

2. No investment in owned assets:

A solid email list, a blog or substance site and wealthier media resources (video, infographics, and so on) are for the most part fundamental components of a balanced social networking nearness for any business.

3. No social media plan:

On the off chance that you don’t realize what your objectives are and what assets you will dedicate it, there’s no real way to measure this achievement. There is an another route for this situation, that is to employ or get the help of SMM Agency (web-based social networking promoting agency).

Must visit: Digital Marketing Solution Providers of Indore to see their outstanding products and services related to your online marketing business.

4. Forget the human element:

Always keep in mind to treat the people the same way you would treat them in real life. Be a kind-hearted human and make friends. Do not forget whatever you say, no matter how normally you said, it becomes the important part of your reputation and brand image.

5. Avoid Comments:

The faster you reply in less time on different fan pages, the happier you will keep your fans because they are your customers and prospects. And also that’s money in the bank account.

6. No description:

As early as possible you create an account for your business purpose, whether it will be on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin. Make sure you completely fill out your all details on profile.

7. No lead generation plan:

Guarantee your branding is conspicuous in all stages and steady all through. On the distinctive stages as the specs are different on each, when somebody bounces around to your diverse records your branding ought to be clear.

8. Build it:

All you need to update your all pages regularly, change profile photos and cover photo in some month and engage your targeted users daily by publishing many posts as possible. You will lose your audience quickly if there is no such updates and valuable information on your company’s profile.

Many of the IT Software Companies in Indore are involved in the digital marketing services, software and web development for their clients. So, I would also like to suggest its name if you want best results in all those fields.