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How To Get Over Writer’s Block ?

April 1, 2013 | Blogging | no comments


So, you have decided to create a blog as part of your affiliate marketing strategy. That’s wonderful. Blogs can be an effective aspect of your affiliate marketing strategy if done correctly. The darkest fear of all bloggers is writer’s block. There is nothing worse than this for blogger. I get it all the time. It becomes even more worse when you need to add fresh content to your blog on regular basis. The most annoying part is understanding that you have all these excellent ideas but cannot seem to get them onto to the paper. We all experience a time when we sit down and start the pc to the empty screen and nothing happens. After 1 or 2 hrs the screen is still empty and there seems to be nothing we can do about it. But believe it or not, you should not be in the hurry to hate writer’s block. Why not? Because normally when a blogger suffers writers-block, it causes them to take a look back and revaluate what they are writing about. The final result is new ideas and fresh content. 

First things first, you have to do is get successfully pass the idea that you have to write a awesome blog post every time you start. Now all of us understand the value of fresh and good content so it can perplexity and impatience that keeps the ideas and words from flowing in the mind. Publishing regular content is better than no content at all so keep composing something and the knockout content will gradually started coming. Keep in mind this is not corporate proposal or research project submission so just write anything that comes in your mind first. If you still find yourself trapped, here are some tips to help you get it.

1. Ask Your Readers and Followers
One of the easiest and best methods to come up with writing concepts is to ask your visitors for their reviews. Obviously, one goal of writing a blog post is to create content that is relevant to your audience and will keep them returning.

You can collect their views in several different ways. For example, you can make a study poll either on your website/blog or on social media asking the visitors for their reviews on a particular subject within your niche.

Based on the response of your audience, you can then write a detailed post featuring the subject that the majority of your audience want to know about.

You can also take a look at the comments left by your readers on the blog for more ideas. If many of your visitors ask the same question regarding a particular subject, consider responding to their concerns detailed by creating a post exploring the subject in more detail.
2. Find Guest Bloggers
Guest bloggers can be an excellent way to keep the a persistence on the blog. This can allow you the much needed break while presenting your visitors to new perspectives. It also provides you with different and useful perspectives and builds relations with other professionals in your niche.

3. Follow The Latest News
Latest news stories is a great way to collect ideas for blogs. If something newsworthy happens and you can associate it to your niche in some way, you’ll be able to take a tale that is already been written and spin it to relate it with your personal views and thoughts on the subject.

For example, let us say you write about food and recipes on your blog. There are always new recipes and reviews of local restaurants are being published in RSS feeds, newspapers, radio, TV etc.

Latest news stories are great way to come up with your own post, and can even provoke reviews and conversation among your visitors.

4. Schedule Your Posts In Advance
Every author knows that motivation often comes at different times. When the idea strikes you, don’t waste the opportunity, save them, or even schedule them for later. Major blog platform provide you with the capability to schedule the post. You can write posts in advance and schedule them. 

5. Tell Stories
There is something which flows naturally- what is it? Stories. The issue with this is it took time to build a good story. To be able to deal with this make a file of personal notes that will induce a certain story that suits your subject. After this when the time come to write you can take out the key factors that made you think of the story in the first place and look you now have a piece of content for your blog.

If you are going through writer’s block do try these tips and if you have any other ideas in mind please share with us in the comment  section, I will publish the best ideas on my next post.

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