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6 Things To Increase User Engagement On A Website

May 29, 2013 | Blogging | no comments

6 Things To Increase User Engagement On A Website

If you are a webmaster or affiliate marketer, then probably you are worried about the Panda 25 and Penguine 2.0 update released last week. But there are some strategies which can still protect your business from Panda. Although this update got mixed response from the internet community but there are some things that you need to do when you are redesigning or launching a new website. There are an incredible number of websites out there trying to entice visitors and competing with your site for search engine ranking positions.

Before you quit or step down, take a second look! The world wide web is increasing because requirement is increasing. The consumer platform is huge! This is your opportunity to become “the next big thing”, if you can perform efficiently. Here is a 5-step strategy to grow your website and eventually your business:

Flow of Content with Great Headline - Making it simple for viewers to your website to find what they are looking for is the most convenient way to keep them involved. On webpages of a certain topic provide links to identical stories, do not just try and strike interest to the most well-known things but make sure that viewer get the most out of their visit. A good headline helps people decide whether to go further or not. Use your analytics stats to find out which page or topic have high rate of entry. Now, look at the headline for those webpages.  Are those headlines relevant to the content of those pages?  Do they get your attention?

Hopefully, your web page headline is more than simply “About Us” or “Services.” Get innovative with them so they stand out and generate your brand in the mind of your viewer. You may only have a short time to catch a prospective customer's interest, and your web page headline is the first thing they will read.

Plan for the Viewers - Too many websites are not audience-centric. In other terms, the web page designer does not consider who his or her potential audience are and what they really need. Take a chance to create a content strategy which describes who you want your web page to reach, what are their needs and interests, and how you can vary from your opponents in satisfying those needs.

Internal Linking Matters - Now, do not go over the top with this; but, developing hyperlinks between relevant content help to keep people on the website more time. The more you can keep their interest, the more they are generally attracted to your website. It also allows interested visitors find useful content more quickly, without searching for your website.

With Better Design Comes Better Result - A good logo places the stage; the website's style lure a reader to keep looking around. A well set out web page uses understandable typography, a lot of white space and a color scheme that will not create complications. Simple and direct navigation is good. The content should be set out so that what exactly is most essential is most quickly found. Never stuff your audience with too much information and never force them look for the essentials.

Content Structure Of The Page - Too often, I see webpages with nothing but one title and a lot of content with paragraphs. This type of web page is difficult to scan quickly for most visitors. Crack up the material with several subheadings that explain the next passage, or use bullets and graphics to make it visually more creative and interesting.

Consider Mobile Devices - More and more people are surfing the web through their mobile phones. That is why you have got to develop your website so that a mobile customer can get around quickly.

Developing an outstanding website is really no different than developing a game-changing product. It’s all about satisfying a client’s need, creating a stunning design and offering value. If you can get it done on all of these levels, your website will instantly set itself apart from much of the competitors. So get out there and start creating.

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